PATALETA is a graphic facilitation and recording company based in Colombia. We work internationally with the support of a select network of practitioners in different countries.

In Colombia

Zulma Patarroyo

Creative Facilitator

Zulma, the founder of Pataleta, brings her academic and practical experience in the areas of design, teaching, facilitation, project management, organisational learning and sustainability.

Zulma has international experience in design and facilitation of group processes in organisations; primarily cultural or social organisations.

Margarita Reyes

Graphic recorder

Margarita is a graphic designer and a dancer of colombian rythms. She has worked as a teacher for children and teenagers in the area of arts; she is an illustrator and a mother. Margarita comes to Pataleta with a suitcase full of colors, drawings and the eager to change the world.

Rowan Simonsen

Rowan Simonsen

Project and training coordinator

Rowan, our project coordinator, supports our team with his experience in business administration, strategic leadership towards sustainability and process facilitation.

All our practitioners have a thirst and passion for self-development, and continually seek to push the boundaries of their knowledge and discovery, whether by taking newly developed courses or embarking on new projects or expeditions. This new-found experience is inevitably fed back into our work with clients.

Our international network:

Dinamarca - Ole Kvist

Ole Qvist-Sørensen - Denmark

Brazil - Donatella Pastorino

Donatella Pastorino – Brazil

Alemania - Anna-Lena Schiller

Anna-Lena Schiller – Germany

Liisa Sorsa

Liisa Sorsa – Canada, USA

Kelvy Bird - USA

Kelvy Bird – USA

Noruega - Torhild

Torhild Torgersen – Norway


Individuals and organisations in Colombia and abroad that we collaborate with, who inspire us and from whom we are constantly learning.


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The world

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