Pataleta (‘tantrum’ in Spanish) provides graphic recording and/or facilitation services in English and Spanish for all kinds of events, meetings, strategic planning processes and any other types of group process.

And what is all that about?

Graphic recorders are people who listen, synthesize and visually transcribe the information generated in different types of group activity (meetings, conferences, world cafés, and so on.) Graphic facilitationis the combination of facilitation techniques for group processes with graphic recording. It is a method of transforming information (complex) in knowledge (useful), using the unique combination of process facilitation, hand drawn graphics and big picture thinking. Graphic facilitation is particularly effective in change processes and strategic planning processes. Pataleta can support you before, during and after your meeting or event:


Co-design of the process or preparing customized templates.


Graphic facilitation and / or documentation.


We work with you to decide what kind of deliverable matches your needs. Some options include:

  • Original drawings
  • Digitized images
  • Optimization of digitized images for different media (print, web)
  • Reports
  • Online platform to share the results with the participants or the stakeholders.

PATALETA is part of a network of graphic practitioners, which makes it possible for us to offer our services not only in Latin America but also in Europe and USA, and in a variety of languages. (English, German, Norwegian, Danish, Spanish).


Because we are all tired of meetings, events, seminars and the types of group process in which we get bombarded with information. Nobody seems to be interested in our point of view, we doze off in front of PowerPoint presentations and leave seminars with folders full of paper that we will never look at again. Very often participants in our events have made comments like: “finally someone listens to me”, “your images illustrate exactly what I wanted to say”, “your work made it all clear to me and helped me pay attention”, “finally we see the patterns of our thinking as a group”. Graphic documentation and facilitation anchors information; it makes it memorable, transforms it into learning and helps us to:

  • Promote creativity and participation
  • Create understanding and clarity
  • Promote listening and meaningful conversations
  • Re-access information

Is there an organisation, project, conference, school, university, group of people with shared intentions who will not benefit from these qualities in their group events?