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Developmental evaluation

Facilitación Virtual

How can we facilitate and enrich the new dynamics of virtual work?

We have ventured to use the latest graphic documentation tools and digital formats. We can moderate virtual meetings by implementing exclusive methodologies, designed from our experience in the field of facilitation, to boost collective participation, create fruitful dialogues, and achieve tangible results while capturing meaningful information.

In this opportunity, we worked along with Beehive-Productions in the Development Evaluation and Leaning into Conflict courses. We offered tools to create adaptive learning processes: a flexible methodology to make sense of complex situations and use them to promote learning, creativity, and innovation. We showed how to integrate this strategy in different organizations and communities, taking into account the values, needs, and complexity of each context.

Our virtual dynamics are ideal to share experiences, create community and offer support for the implementation of disruptive strategies. We facilitate all kinds of processes for companies, organizations, work teams, and communities.

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25 March, 2024

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