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Interactive games, cards and tool boxes Pataleta

In Pataleta we have created interactive games, cards and toolboxes for projects focused on social issues, peace and gender approach, allowing us to facilitate through these tools the transfer and generation of knowledge in a playful and inspiring way.

Here we share with you some of the projects:


The LDMM Guarantees Committee, created by the organizations of women leaders and human rights defenders in the Montes de María region, seeks to give life to the regulations developed to protect the work and lives of women as leaders and defenders.

The Institutional Strengthening Program for Victims of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM), invited PATALETA to give life to this toolbox that collects good practices and recommendations, based on the normative, state and social background that contextualize the process of autonomous organization as Mesa de Garantías LDMM as well as the dialogue with the institutions (with the Ministry of Interior and the Public Ministry: the Ombudsman’s Office and the Attorney General’s Office).


From Pataleta we contributed to bring this content to life with the design of primers, games and infographics that were later adapted to the Chocó region and nationally. We are proud to know that we are contributing to give voice to the work of these women and to empower and connect many others throughout the country.

You can see the featured project HERE.


We supported the RESUENA team in the development of a toolkit with didactic material for use in workshops on nonviolent communication.

“To build from many angles in an inclusive manner, putting people first, weaving relationships from the essence, from the recognition of our own and others’ limitations; recognizing ourselves as human, with empathy and rejecting all types of violence.”


PAPSIVI is a program of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection that seeks to contribute to the comprehensive reparation of victims by implementing rehabilitation measures included in the framework of the Victims and Land Restitution Law.

To this end, all PAPSIVI professionals have a differential approach, that is, to understand the different psychosocial needs of groups at greater risk, such as women, youth, children and adolescents, older adults, adults with disabilities, ethnic groups and people with non-hegemonic gender identities and sexual orientations.


The Ministry of Health, with the support of IOM, invited us to develop a series of products, including a game that seeks to help people learn in a playful way about the differential approach in the psychosocial care program for victims of the armed conflict. The game has been designed as a didactic means to review concepts and attitudes at the end of the workshop, in a fun and playful way.


The gender issue is cross-cutting to all Cancun safeguards, as long as there is no specific gender safeguard. UN-REDD provides a complete compilation of gender considerations in each of the safeguards.

The gender approach provides an added value: Women are vulnerable actors in the measures that can be generated for the reduction of deforestation (e.g. access to forests, land tenure), but at the same time, such actions and measures, if properly conceived, have a great potential to contribute to greater gender equity.

For this project, a toolbox was created to meet this objective of integrating social and environmental safeguards into initiatives to reduce deforestation and redd+ projects in Colombia.

If you are interested in this type of Pataleta material you can use the button to go to the media or send a proposal to Zulma@pataleta.net.

25 March, 2024

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