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IOM Toolbox

As part of the Integral Program of Guarantees for Women Leaders and Human Rights Defenders (PIGMLD), supported by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), we developed a toolbox to empower women in different communities to overcome Colombia’s structural violence.

The initiative for the development of a public policy for prevention, protection, and guarantees of non-repetition that was proposed by the Women’s Roundtable of Montes de María, today has a national scope. This is one of the first projects in Colombia promoted by women who have experienced the consequences of the armed conflict.

Women’s roundtable of Montes de María – Courtesy of IOM

Both for the women and for the organizations involved, it was essential to create a strategy for the appropriation of the mechanisms developed by the communities. For this reason, we designed a series of products to promote the construction of peace. The first one was an infographic that introduces the Integral Guarantees Program and explains how it works to support the protection of women’s rights in conflict contexts.

As a complement, we developed a game that allowed us to inform about the mechanisms that can be used within each social context.

Finally, we made the visual design of the handbooks developed by IOM to empower women through the use of dialogue and listening tools to encourage psychosocial self-care.

The impact of this project was recognized by the Ministry of the Interior and adjusted to be implemented in other communities. Based on a local initiative, we contributed to articulating a national initiative that has been taken to other regions of Colombia, informing and involving women for the protection of their rights.

We are proud to be part of a project that looks forward to raising the voices of women to ensure they are never silenced again.

25 March, 2024

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